Specialized Sewer and Drainage Services in Goderich, Ontario

Don’t put up with blocked drains! Contact Ferguson Plumbing & Heating for sewer and drainage services throughout Goderich, Clinton, Bayfield, Blyth, Kincardine, and the surrounding areas.

Main Water Line Repairs, Sewer Line Repairs, and More

Overflows or standing water caused by blocked drains can attract harmful bacteria. Likewise, clogged kitchen sinks or backup toilets can result in dangerous wastewater entering your home. Contact Ferguson Plumbing & Heating for specialized sewer and drainage services.

Not only do we have qualified plumbers to complete your repair, but we also do our own excavation. This reduces lead times during sewer repair jobs and keeps costs under control. Ferguson Plumbing provides sewer scoping and sewer inspections using state-of-the-art cameras and equipment. This allows us to accurately pinpoint problems within your sewer line and fix them fast.

We offer assistance to both commercial and residential customers throughout Goderich, Clinton, Bayfield, Blyth, Kincardine, and the surrounding areas.

Total Sewer and Drainage Solutions

Say Goodbye to Blockages!

Drainage problems or sewer issues can pose a real health hazard. Contact Ferguson Plumbing & Heating today for assistance with:

  • Sewer and Drainage
  • Main Water Line Repairs
  • Sewer Line Repairs
  • Catch Basins
  • Sewer Line Cleanouts

Apply for Financing

Sewer and drainage blockages can happen at any time. We want to ensure that you always have a safe environment for your family. That’s why Ferguson Plumbing & Heating offers our customers easy financing options with SNAP.

SNAP gives you total control when it comes to financing:

  • Up To 100% Financing
  • No Down Payment of Any Kind
  • Personal and Confidential
  • Pre-Authorized Deductions
  • Extended Payback Periods
Max. file size: 181 MB.

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Expert Sewer and Drainage Services

If you would like to discuss any sewer and drainage issue, please contact us via this website.

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